kooc (kooc) wrote,

Сумка "Sky"

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July 28 2014, 16:17:45 UTC 4 years ago

Доброго времени суток! Сумка еще продается? Каких она размеров и сколько стоит?
а она вроде и не продавалась никогда


August 31 2014, 20:14:34 UTC 4 years ago

ээээх(умеете вы с ума сводить.очень хочу ее((


March 2 2016, 07:44:00 UTC 3 years ago

do you sell on Facebook or Etsy? i love this bag, can you send me the link of where you sell your items please, thanks

It usually goes like this. Somebody tells me that they liked this or that thing of mine and that he'd like to order something. 'Here's the link to the bag', they say, 'can you make one like this?' I say that my credo is never to reproduce something I made. The maximum I am capable of is making something similiar. I am then asked 'How much will it be'. And I reply 'I can't give you the final price, because every piece is unique'. I can only give a rough estimate. Then if you like it, you will pay for it. If you don't, somebody else will. I try not to use clients' sketches, I don't like it when I am limited in some way. The more demands the client has, the more likely I am to say no. There are, however, situations, when the client specifies the direction, in which I will work as I wish. If I find it hard to see the direction in the same way, I say no, because if I don't like what I'm working on, then I won't enjoy the work, and then the client won't like the result either.